WATCH: Surreal scenes unfold at Perth as bails don’t come off despite ball crashes onto electra stumps – BBL|13




In a recent and riveting encounter between the Brisbane Heat and the Perth Scorchers in BBL 2023-24 season, cricket enthusiasts were treated to an unexpected and mind-boggling incident that left the entire cricket fraternity scratching their heads.

The defining moment occurred when a fiery delivery crashed into the stumps of a Scorchers’ batter with an audible thud, leaving everyone astonished as the bails defiantly refused to dislodge.

This rare and perplexing scenario sent shock waves through the stadium, prompting players, spectators, and commentators alike to question the laws of physics governing the game.

Ball hits stumps; bails stand firm

During the pivotal moments of the Scorchers’ innings, a remarkable incident unfolded on the last delivery bowled by Paul Walter. Batter Nick Hobson, in an ambitious attempt to play a powerful shot, managed only to produce an inside edge onto the stumps. To the astonishment of everyone present, the ball struck the stumps with force, yet the bails, defying expectations, remained steadfastly perched on top.

Following the unexpected turn of events, the batters seized the opportunity and swiftly completed a single, leaving both teams and spectators in a state of disbelief.

Here is the video:

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Perth Scorchers thrashes Brisbane Heat at Perth

In a compelling showdown at Perth Stadium during match 35, the Scorchers showcased their dominance by inflicting a resounding 35-run defeat over the Heat. Opting to bat first, the hosts put forth a formidable target of 164 runs for the Heat, fueled primarily by an outstanding unbeaten innings of 48 runs in just 30 balls from Hobson. The left-handed batter’s stellar performance anchored the Scorchers’ innings, setting the tone for a challenging chase.

The Heat, however, faced a formidable challenge in pursuit of the target, as the Scorchers’ bowling attack proved to be relentless. Eventually, the Heats were bundled up for 128 runs, handing the Scorchers a convincing victory and marking their sixth win in the ongoing BBL edition tournament.

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