Top 10 Bowlers With The Most No-Balls In IPL History

Jasprit Bumrah


We know that Bumrah is one of the best fast bowlers of the generation. But, he is yet to solve the problems with the no-balls. He plays for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL and has played some incredible matches for the team. Jasprit has bowled 28 no-balls in 120 games at an average of 23.30, the most by any bowler in IPL history.

Umesh Yadav


Umesh is one of the best pacers on the Indian cricket team. Sometimes, these kinds of players also make mistakes. His bowling length and speed are incredible. In IPL, he plays for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Umesh has 24 no-balls in 133 matches at an average of 29.02. Most of the no-balls are on the high-waist because of his small bowling stride. He is at the 2nd spot on the list. 

S. Sreesanth


Sreesanth is a former cricketer and was banned by the BCCI for match-fixing. He could have had a fantastic career as an Indian fast bowler if certain things had not happened to him. Sreesanth has played 44 matches having 23 no-balls at an average of 29.85. 

Amit Mishra


Amit Mishra is the only spinner with the most no-balls in IPL history. The fast- bowlers can sometimes overstep by bowling a Yorker or a bouncer, but for spinners to bowl a no-ball is a shame. Mishra has 21 no-balls in 154 matches at an average of 23.95. Despite having 21 no balls, he is still one of the best bowlers in the IPL. 

Ishant Sharma


Ishant Sharma is an Indian cricketer who plays in Test matches for the Indian cricket team. He does not play in the IPL anymore. Ishant served as the IPL's journeyman and repeatedly switched between many franchises. In IPL, he has 21 no-balls in 93 matches at an average of 37.51. He was one of the best players in the IPL because of his extraordinary height and speed. 

Lasith Malinga


Malinga is one of the finest bowlers in the history of IPL. His name coming in the list of the bowlers with the most no-balls in IPL is a shock. He played for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. Malinga has 18 no-balls in 122 matches at an average of 19.80. He could control the batters with his bowling. So it was not a big problem for the no-balls as he did not cause discomfort to the team. 

Prasidh Krishna


Prasidh is one of the best young talents on the Indian cricket team. He has shown some of his best bowling performances in the IPL whenever needed. However, Krishna has much to improve as he frequently steps forward the crease. He has 17 no-balls in 51 matches at an average of 34.76. If he improves his technique and accuracy, he can become a threat to many players in the IPL. Krishna stands at the no.7 spot on the list.

Ashok Dinda


Ashok is a former cricketer who plays for the Indian cricket team in limited matches. He played in IPL from 2008 to 2017 for different franchises. He has 14 no-balls in 78 games at an average of 30.04. His performance in the IPL was not good enough as he stopped playing in the IPL in form 2018 season. 

Bret Lee


Bret lee is one of the best fast-bowlers in IPL history. His speed was insane as some deliveries have resulted in the no-balls. He has 13 no-balls in 38 matches at an average of 43.80. He used to sprint very fast and jump high on the crease. His bowling was very dangerous as he bowled some of the terrific bouncers in the IPL. 

Shane Watson


Shane Watson is a former cricketer and is one of the best all-rounders in IPL history. In IPL, he has played for three franchises and has performed exceptionally well in all three teams. Watson has 13 no-balls in 146 games at an average of 29.15. Thirteen no-balls in 146 games are not very considerable as he performed incredibly at a very high level for a long time. He holds the 10th spot on the list.